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School of Business

Welcome from the Dean Message from the Editor

his issue presents an overview of research awards, grants, conference

proceedings and publications by our JMSB faculty members and students since September 2009.

t gives me great pleasure to present the latest edition of the JMSB Research Bulletin. As you will see in this bulletin, our faculty members and graduate students continue to create innovative and relevant knowledge.

The research grant cycle for the academic year ended with some superb results for many JMSB researchers. These achievements are of particular significance given the severe cutbacks of the major public granting agencies. Congratu- ations to the successful awardees. As the economic recovery gains momentum, we hope that the environment for supporting fundamental and applied peer-reviewed research will improve. The continued dynamism of JMSB hinges on its efforts to be a ey player in the development of the knowledge base of society.

| am happy to report that several of our faculty members were recently recognized for their research excel- lence. Yaxuan Qi, of Finance, received the 2010 Petro-Canada Young Innovator Award, ‘The Person and Society” Strategic Research Cluster. The award was created to support the work by young faculty and to recognize the efforts in creating innovative research and a positive impact on society at large.

Sanjay Sharma, Dean, JMSB Editor: Lorne N. Switzer,

Associate Dean, Research;

The Van Berkom Endowed Chair of Small-Cap Equities; Associate Director, Institute for Governance in Private

and Public Organizations

The 2009-2010 Fonds de recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC) competition results were released and six JMSB appli- cants were awarded funding. Devasheesh Bhave, of Manage- ment, and Marion Brivot, of Accountancy, were selected among the Etablissement de nouveaux professeurs-chercheurs cate- gory. The Department of Management's Mehdi Farashahi, with co-applicants Claude Marcotte and Rick Molz, and the Depart- ment of Marketing’s Michel Laroche received funding from the

JMSB hosted some significant and provocative researchers in recent months. Professor Andrew Karolyi of Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business, addressed the timely issue of the impact to financial markets of Sovereign Wealth Funds. Professor Cleo Paska

Soutien aux équipes de recherche category.

The second annual Montreal Local Globa

Research Confer-

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presented “The Wor

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ence was held earlier this spring and gathered members from the research and business communities. Scholars included Ravi Ramamurti of Northeastern University and Eleanor Westney of York University. Leading executives from several multinationals, including Bombardier, Pirelli Tire and Rio Tinto Alcan, were also invited to share their views on the challenges and issues faced by Canadian multinationals doing business internationally.

Change Will Affect Politics, Economics, Security and Organizations.”

We are grateful to the major private donors including CIBC who provided support for new scholarships to our Masters and Doctoral Students. We also recognize RBC, Manulife and Laurentian Bank for sponsoring the numerous Professorships that were established over the past year. We congratulate the individuals selected by the committees for the Professorships. Special thanks go to committee members for their diligence and commitment in the selection process.

This summer, the city of Montreal will host the 2010 Academy of Management Annual Conference. A number of our faculty will take part in this large-scale event and | am proud that JMSB is working closely with AoM organizers to promote the event's ‘Dare to Care: Passion and Compassion’’ theme. | am also delighted to announce that Management Professor Gary Johns was named Fellow of the Academy. This election is of significant importance as the Academy has 19,000 members and less than 1% are Fellows. Dr. Johns will be inducted into the Academy at a special ceremony in August. Stay tuned for more research successes and exciting highlights from the AoM conference in the next issue of the JMSB Research Bulletin.

As my term comes to an end, Associate Professor Harjeet Bhabra will take over the editorship of the JMSB Research Bulletin. | hope that you will join me in wishing him success in the new challenges ahead.

| would like to thank the faculty members who have contributed to this issue as well as Mai-Gee Hum and Arlene Segal for assisting with its assembly. Thank you also to Karen Fiddler and Mary Genova for your excellent support over the past three years.

Lorne N. Switzer Associate Dean, Research

Sanjay Sharma Dean

Yaxuan Qi, Assistant Professor, Department of Finance

Research Awards

Cho, Charles H. and Roberts, R.W., Environmental Reporting on the Internet by America's Toxic 100; Legitimacy and Self- Presentation. Best Paper Award at the 9" European Conference on Accounting Informtaion Systems, Paris, France

(Dec 2008).

Islam, Majidul, and Yang, Y.F., The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Job Satisfaction: The Business Perspective

of the Balanced Scorecard Combined with the Perspective of the Resource Based Theory. Empirical Best Paper Award,

2010 International Academy of Business Disciplines (IABD) Conference, Las Vegas, NV (Apr 2010).

Qi, Yaxuan, Recipient of the 2010 Petro- Canada Young Innovator Award and $10,000 grant, Strategic Research Cluster ‘The Person and Society” (Apr 2010).

External Grants

Bhave, Devasheesh, Emotional Labor and Job Design, FQRSC Nouveaux Chercheurs Grant (2010-13).

Brivot, Marion, L’Evolution du contréle interne de Ia qualité du travail dans les grands cabinets d'audit depuis Enron : une perspective longitudinale et nord-américaine. FQRSC Nouveaux Chercheurs Grant $37,890 (2010-13).

Carney, Michael and Gedajlovic, E. (Pl), The Effect of Top Management Team Social Capital on Corporate Entrepreneurship and Internationalization in Emerging Economies, SSHRC Grant $86,840 (2010-12).

Farashahi, Mehdi, Marcotte, Claude, Molz, Rick, Hafsi, T., and Jaegar, A., Les enjeux locaux et globaux: Ia gestion stratégique des entreprises multinationales occidentales dans les marches émergents et en développement. FQRSC Emerging Team Grant $52,800 (2010-12).

Gagné, Maryléne, The Motivational Leadership Training Program, Society for Human Resources Management Research Grant $60,000 (2010-12).

Kersten, Gregory, Models and Software for Multi-user Decision-making and Conflict, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada $ 210,000 (2005-11).

Laroche, Michel (PI), d’Astous, A., Richard, M. O. and Toffoli, R., Développement d'un modeéle de comportement des consommateurs internautes incorporant la culture, les émotions et les caractéristiques cognitives et hédoniques des sites internet. FORSC Grant $210,320 (2010-14).

Laroche, Michel (PI), Toffoli, R., Zhou, L., Richard, M.O., and Reimann, M, Marketing to bilinguals: The roles of language and culture. SSHRC Grant $166,200 (2010-13).

Paulin, Michéle (PI), Ferguson, Ronald, Bergeron, J. and Ricard, L. Etude de I'échange relationnel dans le domaine des services: Antécédents et conséquences des normes relationnelles, l'engagement et la confiance en termes de valeurs percues par les parties (client, personnel et organisation). FQRSC Grant $60,932 (2009-11).

Vahidov, Rustam (PI), Kersten, Gregory, and T., Lituchy, Auctions or Negotiations: Development and Empirical Assessment of a Theoretical Model for Comparing Electronic Exchange Mechanisms. SSHRC Grant $210,927 (2008-2011).

Vidyarthi, Navneet, Integrated Network Design and Inventory Management in Service Parts Logistics Systems, NSERC Discovery Grant $100,000 (2010-15).

Walls, Judith (Pl) and DeCelles, Katherine, Corporate Environmentalism versus Greenwash: Where does the Truth Lie? SSHRC Grant $89,150 (2010-13).

Refereed Journal Articles

Appelbaum, Steven H., Carriére, D.,

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Appelbaum Steven H., Zinati, S.M., MacDonald, A. and Amiri, Y., Organizational Transformation to a Patient Centric Culture:

Steven H. Appelbaum, Professor, Department of Management

Stéphane Brutus, Associate Professor, Department of Management

A Case Study. Leadership in Health Services, 23:1 (2010):8-32.

Appelbaum, Steven H., Jesse Roberts and Shapiro, Barbara T., Cultural Strategies in M &A\s: Investigating Ten Case Studies. Journal of Executive Education (accepted for publication in 2010).

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Other Distinctions

Bodur, H. Onur, appointed Reviewer at the American Marketing Association Conference 2010, Boston, MA; Reviewer at the Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP) Conference 2010, St. Pete Beach, FL; and Reviewer at Psychology & Marketing.

Carney, Michael, Editor of special edition of Asia-Pacific Journal of Management ‘Varieties of Asian capitalism: Indigenization and Internationalization’’, 26:3 (Sept 2009); appointed Senior Editor and Editorial Board Member of Asia Pacific Journal of Management; appointed Editorial Board Member of Journal of Management Studies, Family Business Review, ournal of Family Business Strategy.

Cho, Charles, appointed member of the editorial board of Issues in Social and Environmental Accounting.

Dawson, Alexandra, appointed Family Owned Business Institute (FOBI) Research Scholar (2010).

He. Luo, appointed as Member of the Scientific Committee of the Canadian Academic Accounting Association Annual Conference 2010, Toronto, ON.

Johns, Gary, named a Fellow of the Academy of Management.

Kersten, Gregory, appointed Vice- Chairperson of the INFORMS College “Group Decision and Negotiation”, Senior editor of Group Decision and Negotiation Journal; Departmental editor of Artificial Intelligence and Management Science, Springer Publishers; Member of the Editorial Board, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing , Springer; and Member of the Editorial Board, Advances in Group Decision and Negotiation, Springer.

Laroche. Michel, appointed Co-chair for the 2010 Cultural Perspectives in Marketing Conference, Academy of Marketing Science, Lille, France; appointed Track Chair, Global Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy, Global Marketing Congress 2010, Tokyo, Japan.

Molz, Rick and Farashahi, Mehdi,

From Dilemma to Theory to Research Agenda: Doing Business in Developing and Transitional Countries. Special issue editors for a double issue of International Studies of Management and Organization (Forthcoming).

Paulin, Michéle, accepted on the Emerald Who's Who List for Executive and Professionals (Winter 2010); accepted on list of Distinguished Professionals 2010, Westbury, NY, USA.

Saad, Gad, appointed to the Editorial Boards of The Evolutionary Review, and Frontiers of Evolutionary Psychology.

Saad, Gad and Vongas, John, The effect of conspicuous consumption on men’s testosterone levels. Rated ‘Top 25 Hottest Articles” in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes for the period October to December 2009.

Sharma, Pramodita, appointed Fellow of the Family Firm Institute; STEP Global Director, Babson College, Babson Park, MA.

Shrivastava, Paul, appointed on Design and Editorial team of the Academy of Management 2010 Annual Meeting Special Issue of L'Itinéraire Magazine.

Spence, Crawford, appointed to the Scientific